Our Best Backpackers Experiences Not To Be Missed!

Everyone has their own favourite Backpackers list of what to do in this vast and diverse land down under.  Whatever path you choose to follow, make sure to take in a couple of these natural Australian wonders.


Uluru is the Australian iconic Backpackers landmark otherwise known as Ayers Rock. Comprised of sandstone rock it can be found in the middle of Australia. It is a Unesco World Heritage Site and at its most spectacular when it glows red at sunset and sunrise.

While it is possible to climb Uluru the locals prefer you choose to walk around it instead. Backpackers please pay attention to the warning signs if you do decide to go up. They aren’t joking when they say it gets hot, wet and windy up there.

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier stretches for almost 350 000 square kilometres and is the world’s largest system of coral reefs. It can actually be seen from space. You’ll find it situated off the Queensland coast near Cairns. Coral is a living organism that cohabits in colonies. Billions of these tiny creatures permanently attach themselves to the sea floor forming the base for a rich ecosystem of plant and marine life.

Mackenzie Falls

Over 30 metres high, MacKenzie Falls is the largest waterfall in Victoria and can be found in the Grampians National Park. Almost ⅕ of mainland Australia is desert making this spectacular year round waterfall all the more impressive. Grab a meat pie for the three hour trip from Melbourne and pack your swimsuit! We know Backpackers love a good waterfall.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island, famous partly for its dingo (wild dog) population is at 1840 square kilometres the biggest sand island in the world. It boasts a diverse wildlife including 47 mammals, over 350 types of birds and almost 80 species of reptiles.

The Blue Mountains

These mountains are covered with eucalyptus trees. The trees release miniscule oil particles that blend with the light of the sun to give the mountains their trademark blue haze. You’ll find the mountain range in New South Wales on the outskirts of Sydney.

The whole area is a World Heritage Site made up of 7 national parks. Nature enthusiasts can go on hikes, visit the impressive caves and enjoy spectacular views. There are a variety of towns in and around the mountain range where you can base yourself in while you explore. All the Sydney Backpackers out there, be sure to view the Top 10 Things Not To Miss In Sydney

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